Pub Talk: Polar Bears and Penguins

January 17, 2019 - 07:00pm

Have drinks with your friends while learning about the challenges facing both penguins and polar bears

Presented by Pro Photo Supply, Oregon Zoo Pub Talks connect you with conservation experts. Each month conservation, animal care or wildlife science professionals share their knowledge and experience saving animals across the planet, from the forests of Borneo to the skies of the Pacific Northwest.

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Penguins and polar bears live in different hemispheres, but the two species are far from polar opposites. Both are losing habitat to climate change, and they both need people to do something about it.

Oregon Zoo director Dr. Don Moore and Amy Cutting, who oversees the zoo's marine life area, will discuss the similar challenges penguins and polar bears face at the next Oregon Zoo Pub Talk on Jan. 17 in the zoo's Cascade Grill.

“This is a great opportunity for people to learn what they can do to protect penguins and polar bears,” said Moore. “Plus, they can bring their friends and share some drinks and snacks at the same time.”

Polar bears and their sea ice habitats in the Arctic are threatened by climate change, forcing them into new regions where they have to work harder for food. Penguins, along with their habitats on Antarctica and its neighboring continents, also face other threats such as oil spills and pesticides.

In addition to discussing these issues and answering audience questions, Moore and Cutting will share work the Oregon Zoo is doing to learn about and help these important species. Their conversation will include photos, video and stories from the field.

Made possible by the Oregon Zoo Foundation's Education Endowment, Oregon Zoo Pub Talks offer a chance to hear from conservation experts in a casual setting. 

The event is located at the Oregon Zoo Cascade Grill. Food and beverages will be available for purchase.

Oregon Zoo Pub Talks are fun, educational events that help support the zoo's mission of creating a better future for wildlife through its animal welfare, education and conservation programs. Pub Talks are made possible by the Oregon Zoo Foundation's Education Endowment, which is generously funded by Oregon Zoo members and donors. Click here to learn how you can support the zoo. Find out about the other talks by visiting

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